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We received the first of four songs we sent to Tim to add music. The first song is Happily Ever After. We are ecstatic! The words to this song are very powerful and Tim’s choice of music emphasizes their meaning and does not overwhelm. Thank you so much Tim. You truly captured what I was looking for for this song. Any songwriter reading this and looking for someone to put music to your song should contact Tim to make you a track. To all – Stay in Gods care: Jack and Linda Hodge
— Jack and Linda Hodge

Bro. Tim, I appreciate you and your minstry and I enjoy working with you.Keep on keeping on for Jesus!
— Ray Owens

Hi Tim! Looks like you’re getting lots of visitors! So glad! You’ve got a great ministry in song and songwriting! I can’t wait til I record your song, “A Heart Believes!” Wonderful song! Thank you for sharing it with me! Your sister in the Lord and fellow minister in music, Genelle
— Genelle Tennant

Hello Tim, Keep doing what your doing. Your songs are true gifts from God. May he continue to bless you and your family.
— Karla Mechelle Jackson

What a blessing it is to have met you my brother…I look forward to working together to reach the lost!
— Billy R Douglas

To Tim, Thanks for pitching your song little things to us. Amanda, Carson, Dad, and I were setting on the bus somewhere, I think it was South Carolina, and we were listening to some song demos while going down the highway. Well, they put your CD in and we listened and when it got to little things it just blessed me, because there are so many little things in life that people take for granted, but what really connected me with the song was the fact that when we are home off the road I do a lot of driving around,cause after 4 or 5 days in a silver eagle on the road you have a lot of visiting to do, and i notice those things like the sun shining and little birds,the rain, and even babies crying.I have three daughters and the part about babies crying touched me. I know the first time i heard the cries of each of my girls at their births, that something that beautiful could only come from the KING of all KINGS. There are truly sooo MANY little things we should thank him for. And I just wanted to write and tell you i appreciate the song, and i record only songs that i feel that i can relate to or that bless me, and would be a blessing to others. I also would like for you to send me a demo of “LOVE KEPT HIM THERE”. We just released a song that my dad wrote called “YOU GAVE YOUR LIFE FOR ME”, it has been out for about three weeks and is probably going to make dj’s top 10 new releases, they also expect it to come in around 23on the Singing News carts, thats what Earl Galloway “the galloways” says, he’s promoting our songs. So the LORD is truly blessing our ministry and obviously yours as well. Sorry I wrote so much just had to let you know i like the writing, please send love kept him there in demo. In CHRIST the KING, Kevin Bowman
— Kevin Bowman

Hey Brother Tim!! You have been a real blessing and you are a great song writer! May the Lord bless you as you continue to seek him! Scott Neff
— Scott Neff

I became acquainted with you and your songs through my Brother in The Lord,Daniel Ray. He gave me a copy of the,”Above The Storms” project. Tim, you are a master word-crafter! I am especially blessed by “Little Things” and “Above The Storms”. In HIM, Bill House-GOD and Music/gospelfan1
— Bill House

I’ve really enjoyed working with you and I wish you much success
— Kimberlee Anthony

My husband and I enjoyed visiting with you and Donna Saturday Night. Thank you so much for the DVD of your song. God bless your ministry.
— Bernice Farmer

Hey Tim, Finally made it back to Floridaand back to work. I finally have had some quiet time to listen to your tracks. I really like Above The Storm and Little Things! I know that Young Harmony recorded it but I would like to talk to you about these 2 songs. Drop me an e-mail and I will give you my number so we can talk about these songs and how the Lord led you to write them okay? Love In Christ Jesus Always, Kimmer
— Kim golembeski

Great job Tim! May God bless you with much success. Remember: “What God has for you, it is for you!” -TP
— Tonye Penny

Hey Tim, great site. Thanks for being a “true” friend and a true inspiration to those who know you. You are a great writer and your music is an inspiration. May God continue to bless you and your family!
— Bridget Begley

Tim, Just wanted to drop you a note and say hello and blessings to you and your Ministry. Your songwriting is incredible and I pray everyone who listens to your music receives the message you so passionately write about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It blesses my heart when I listen to the words. You have managed to capture, in your writing, visions of our true Holy Father and yet a God who enjoys His people and His creation. You are gifted and blessed my friend. Expect to hear Whitedove Radio using your tracks! Thank you! May God bless you so much! Crystal Clear
— Crystal Clear

Hi Tim, Today for some reason I felt the need to go to your website. I’ve been to it once before but couldn’t get the mp3 files to work (probably my computer). I assumed it wouldn’t work today so I just spent the first 30 min reading lyrics and your message board. They I felt the urge to try the mp3 again, and it worked! Praise God. As a songwriter, when I write a song they come out as just words but each set of lyrics has a meaning and a purpose. When I read your lyrics, they were beautiful and full of God’s truth (ie What Could I have Been). But when I heard you singing them, I was in awe of the power of the anointing on your ability to combine lyrics/melody/emotion. You have an anointing as a singer/songwriter that is unmistakable. Some of your songs literally had me shouting hallelujah at my computer (Sun’s Gonna Shine again, Can they See Jesus). I don’t know your religious background, or if you even believe in the Holy Spirit and the anointing, but even if you don’t you’ve still got them. I just wanted to let you know that your songs have been a blessing and an encouragement to me as a songwriter. I look forward to learning and growing with you. Your sister in Christ, Saundra
— Saundra Dalton Smith